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Will The Real America Please Stand Up?

America has never really been about Americans. It has always been about the "tired," the "poor," the "huddled masses" and the "wretched refuse" of the rest of the world who yearn to be free. For four centuries, people have moved here to escape oppressive tyranny, to worship without compulsion, and to flee the bondage of poverty. American is about those people - the refugees from every culture and nation on earth. It is about the world, and it is about freedom. But with these rights comes responsibility:
The right to choose implies the responsibility to choose wisely.
The right to an education implies the responsibility to think.
The right to religious freedom implies the responsibility to pray.
The right to life implies the responsibility to value life.
The right to liberty implies the responsibility of tolerance.
The right to pursue happiness implies the responsibility to work.
The right to vote implies the responsibility to know the issues.

It is no small thing to be a citizen of the greatest nation on earth. It means adherence to the principles upon which this nation is founded. The principles, so often illustrated in the lives of our Founding Fathers and in the history of the nation, are as valid today as ever. But living in the freedom and the individual rights that we have also means that we live with the responsibilities of those freedoms.
This book is an expression of Dr. Anderson's concern for the future of America and his desire to maintain the godly heritage that has made America great.

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