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What is The Word for Winners?

It is God’s heart and dream.

1. It is to bring grace and truth to the nations, God’s church, meaning:

  • to bring churches out of legalism and religion, the Old Covenant into the New Covenant of what Christ has already done.

  • Help churches lay foundations so they flourish and be a blessing to the community in bringing people to Jesus. You set a pastor on the course to fulfill destiny, you reach a whole community.


2. Cover the earth with the Word of Grace. That’s where television, YouTube and social media come in.

3. Financially support ministries worldwide to take care of the hungry, the poor, the orphans and widows, building wells for the thirsty, clothing those in need, providing medical care and visiting prisons. And wherever there is a tragedy, we are there helping to build and restore.

4. Financially support Christian school and colleges.

5. Write books to mentor people how to come into the life of grace and truth and fulfill their destiny, get to know who they are in Christ, get free of any dysfunctional behaviors. Teaching people how to step into faith, how to fast and pray to move mountains, how to live healthy lives, how to be Holy Spirit led, how to have Kingdom marriages, and raise children for the glory of God.

6. Put on dynamic, powerful wealth conferences and afterward leaving a 12-Week program to bring people out of poverty into the wealth that Jesus has already given them.

As a partner:

1. We saturate you with prayer to be all that God has called you to be so you will make a difference for having lived.

  • Every salvation

  • Every baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Every life transitioned into the New Covenant of Grace and Truth and fulfillment of God’s destiny.

  • Every life that is changed and every way this ministry pours the life of Christ into others to build the Kingdom of God.

  • Truth is the Word of God that is the only truth

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