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Activating the Life
of Grace through Faith

Mustard-Seed Faith Uproots the Mulberry Tree


It’s time to uproot the mulberry tree!
It’s time to have pure, mustard-seed faith.
It’s time to be free of doubt and unbelief.

Fasting with prayer plays an important part in changing us, getting rid of all doubt and unbelief so that we can see the miracles of God happen and open the doors to the supernatural.

Unfortunately, fasting with prayer has almost become something of the past in people’s lives today, but fasting with prayer has become a major part in my life! When things seemed hopeless, fasting with prayer would open doors and bring answers and miracles in my life.

Many people have a desire to fast, but rarely have any good instructions on how to fast.

This book is designed to help you understand:
How to fast and pray.
How fasting with prayer gets rid of the doubt and unbelief.
How fasting with prayer can be a detox.

Fasting with prayer can open the door to the impossible in your life.

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